hashbert examples

Example of how I personally use hashbert (in combination with rsync)

Backing up to a "Master backup"

Backing up to the master backup:
rsync -rtvPiF --delete ~/ /media/magnus/MyUSBDisk/sync/
Synchronizing hashcodes.txt:
cd /media/magnus/MyUSBDisk/; hashbert sync; cd ~
Verifying the backup: (this command takes several hours / TiB)
cd /media/magnus/MyUSBDisk/; hashbert check; cd ~

Mirroring the "Master backup"

Mirroring the "Master backup" (including hashcodes.txt-file) to further drives:
rsync -rtvPiF --delete /media/magnus/MyUSBDisk/ /media/magnus/MyUSBDiskB/
The "mirror" can be verified in the same way as above.

Mirroring the most important files to a usb-flash memory

If you have old smaller harddrives or usb drives you can copy the most important files to those, and still use hashbert to check the files.

Example on how to using rsync:

rsync -rtvPi --filter='dir-merge /.rsync-filter-MyUSBFlash' --delete "/media/magnus/MyUSBDisk/" /media/magnus/MyUSBFlash/
The ".rsync-filter-MyUSBFlash"-file could look something like this: (See rsync documentation for more info)
- /bigFolderWithNotSoImportantStuff
The run "hashbert check" as usual.