hashbert issues and bugs

Hashbert issues and bugs


Only tested on linux.


Issue 1: Some old filesystems (notebly FAT) uses DOS-time where all timestamps are interpreded as localtime (which means that a timestamp is interpreted different when you change timezone or when DST switches). So I'd say one should not use these filesystems.

Issue 2: hashbert relies on the hashcodes.txt-file to be sorted by the filename alphabetically. Thid may become a problem if you...

Issue 3: Some filesystems (like ntfs) allows filenames with different casing (like "Indek_bok.html" and "IndEk_bok.html"). Some others (like exFat) does not allow this. So when writing the file "Indek_bok.html" and "IndEk_bok.html" to a exFat disc, then only "IndEk_bok.html" will remain on the disc.


Bug 1. On linux there seams to be problem with Universal_Disk_Format. I the src-code: when using "readdir" to read an directory entry, entry->d_type should be equal to DT_DIR, but it isn't.