Buvt (Back Up and Verification Tool)


The tools is offered as is, there might be serious bugs.

With that said, one may ask:

Which files / folders is the program writing to



Comparison with rsync: Advantages

Buvt deals with verification (as well as backing up)

Hashcodes (checksums) are calculated and stored in a db-file (by default called buvtDb.txt (and stored in the root level of the source tree))

Under the "Check"-tab one can check the files. That is, each file in the db-file have its hashcode recalculated, and erratic files are listed.

Buvt deals with renamed files.

Copying files that haven't changed takes unnecessary time and also propagates soft errors.

Similarly for the recalculation of hashcodes. If there in fact is a soft error, then you do not want to recalculate (and overwrite the hashcode) (Instead you want catch the error when you click "check" some time later.)

Comparison with rsync: Drawbacks

Does not support remote locations over networks.

Parsing and filter files

Files (default called ".buvt_filter") can be placed in the Source-tree to make it possible to skip certain files and folders.

They work pretty much as ".rsync-filter" do for rsync (as a matter of fact I considered using the same file (and syntax) as rsync, but I had to give up on that because I can't figure out how rsync works)

Parsing and filter files

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